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Custom Yacht Fashions is a family – a team of design engineers and fabrication professionals all with the same vision and goal. . . . to transform your vessel, whether old or new, into the most beautifully decorated and fully outfitted yacht of its kind. Whether your vessel is for personal use or charter, we will be inspired and guided by your own personal style and vision.

Each member of our team is dedicated to contributing to what they do best in order to collectively produce a finished product that is unequaled anywhere. Our unique and comprehensive vision for a customer friendly one-stop-shop” for yacht and home is always expanding. From our in-house workroom where we design and fabricate all your soft goods, to our blinds and shades manufacturing facility, capable of creating the most highly crafted custom window treatments available, we combine our talents and manage your project from beginning to end under one roof to ensure a smooth process and finished product sure to please. One of the most significant advantages to having a team of diversely talented professionals working together under one umbrella is the flow of the project. The management of the project coordinates from one central location allowing the cohesiveness of the project to manifest itself on every level.

Our goal is to make it simple for people who are not local as well as those who live here, to have their décor needs met all in one place. By utilizing the combined talents of a number of dedicated professionals, we are able to meet those needs simultaneously and with excellence in order to relieve the boat owner of searching out each service or item individually. We bring years of expertise and knowledge regarding the best products for the yachting world.

Unlike many other design and outfitting businesses, on-site we actually fabricate all of the soft goods- bedding, draperies, etc. in our own workroom, produce our own product line, Boat Basics, and many of the other services offered by Custom Yacht Fashions.

From blinds to beds, bedding to bath, fabrics to furnishings, our goal is to deliver a level of excellence that is unmatched – a luxury that is affordable as well as beautiful. Come visit our design center and retail showroom to see how we can best fashion your vessel to look and function it’s very best.

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