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Our blinds, shades, curtains and other window treatments are all fabricated in our own family owned and operated workrooms and manufacturing plants. Our woods are milled by our own professionals and made to your specifications. Come visit anytime while in the area. Speak to our team about the best type for your boat or yacht.

Custom Window Treatments

We offer shades and blinds in a variety of materials and custom systems. Our factory uses only the finest materials with the highest quality craftsmanship.

  • Premium hardwoods
  • (sealed with UV inhibitors)
  • Hand graded slats
  • Quarter sawn gives stability
  • Warp resistant woods
  • Highest quality stains
  • Custom colors and finishes available
  • Non-corrosive, low profile head-rails and components
  • Exotic woods available

Wood Blinds

All wood blinds are available in 1” or 2” styles. We can design custom wood blinds for all marine and high-end residential applications. Our wood blinds are available in high-quality basswood, teak, mahogany cherry, and many others.

Vinyl Shades

Our custom vinyl shades are available in a wide range of colors to match the decor of your yacht or residence. We offer the most durable vinyl product available extruded exclusively for our fabricator. Vinyl shade applications are very popular on Sportfisherman’s boats.

Cell Shades

Cell shades are one of our most beautiful products, giving a softer look to the interior of your yacht or residence. 100% polyester fabric, energy efficient, the system can be configured to almost any window in a variety of colors. Cell shades can be on a cord, tension or easy-ride system.

Shutter Systems

Wire Retention System

Our factory uses stainless steel wire to prevent the blind from swaying or moving. It is non-visible and is guaranteed not to stretch. This system can be adapted for use with wood, vinyl, aluminum, and cell shades and can also be used along with our motorized shades.

Rail Systems

We use the lowest profile 1 & 2 inch head-rail for less visibility and consistency. Head-rails are treated with a non-corrosive agent. All head-rails are built using heavy-duty, marine quality components to ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

Cell Shades

Our cell shades are made of durable 100% polyester fabric. Cell shades are great insulators which will keep the boat cool as well as give it an elegant appearance. Cell shades can be made with a wire retention system or a non-visible tension system.

Custom Shutters

We will custom design shutters for yachts, residential, commercial and RVs. We offer premium hardwoods (sealed with UV inhibitors), the highest quality stains, the largest selection of colors as well as custom colors and finishes available.

Hunter Douglas Products

1 & 2″ Aluminum Blinds, Applause, Brilliance, Country Wood, Duettes, Jubilance/Roman Shades, Luminette, Palm Beach Custom Shutters, Provenance Woven Wooden Shades, Remembrance, Serenette, Silhouette, VignetteShapes.

Compound Head-rail Trapezoid

The Compound Head-rail Trapezoid configuration is applicable to many yachts as well as recreational vehicles (RV). We shape each piece to fit exactly to your window. The color or wood can be matched exactly to your specifications for the ultimate in perfection, consistency, and beauty.


The Parallelogram is a specialty application mostly used on yachts and recreational vehicles with an odd shaped window. A wire retention system keeps the blinds in the desired position. This shape can be customized for virtually any application.


The Windshield shape is perfect for yachts and recreational vehicles to cover the angled front window. The shades are held in place with our high-quality wire retention system. This type of application can also accommodate odd-shaped angles in the home, in a terrace or greenhouse for example.

Sloped Head-rail

The Sloped Head-rail shape can be used in many types of applications. Sloping windows can be found in yachts, recreational vehicles and in the home. We fit the angles exactly as each piece is made by hand in our factory.

Split Bottomrail/Cutout

The Split Bottomrail/Cutout style can be found many times in the home or office to accommodate structural deformities or other obstacles. It is also an important application for yachts and recreational vehicles to add style or to conform to specially shaped windows.

Top Down

The Top Down shape is built for convenience. Many times the blind cannot be pulled up due to angle or positioning and the top-down method of opening and closing is necessary. Our Wire Retention System keeps everything in place and working smoothly.


The Angle shape is most commonly found on yachts and recreational vehicles to accommodate angles. We manufacture each piece by hand to fit your angle exactly.

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